Hey there!

Well, Here is a big HELLOOO from me, Boomerang, the editor, content writer, the blogger of this site.I am here to tell you, about me and my why.  ‘Why’ as in ‘Why do I Blog?’.


Alright! About me. I am an enthusiastic person, with lot of energy and a weird brain, which can pick up lot of thoughts and keep processing them, until all my energy drains out. I am also a proud mother and a compassionate human being!! I always wish there are 36 hours to a day! So much to do and so less time!!

Enough stuff about me! Next up is ‘MY WHY’. As I said, I have a weird brain. The other weirdness about it is, I have an exceptional memory! Many people who know me call it as photographic memory. And few, who know me well enough, (like my mom & husband) call it as a disease! Yes, a disease of remembering things, as they appeared, as they were told, as they happened, even after few decades. I must say, A weird brain which keeps processing thoughts non stop and a great memory is a deadly combination!

I am always occupied with past thoughts, my imaginations around them, about what had happened behind the scenes, wondering why someone said so, behaved like that; why did I talk like that and  so on!! This blog is my attempt to capture all these, in my words, as I see it, as I remember it after decades, as I imagine the scenes behind.

This place is a mere show area, of my life’s drama, captured and replayed after so many years by my weird brain!!

Thank you soooo much for reading so far and please leave your comments! The show is on, Please come back!


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