2015 – A Year that was!!

– A roller coaster! Yes, even if it sounds like a cliche, it definitely is a roller coaster ride for me.

It started with a high note and went to the peak and started dwindling down. Especially, towards the last quarter of the year, it started turning bad and has become worse and finally the worst.. Post Chennai floods, ( yes, yours truly was affected too!), I started running a count down for 2015 to end.

Instead of stressing over what went wrong, I am just going to make a record of what went wonderful in this year.

2015 marked completion of 5 years of my marriage! Oh My.. That’s half a decade and I started feeling very old.Yes, these 5 years have taught me a lot of lessons more than what I learnt during my whole life! I fared well in may of the life tests and failed miserably in few. On the course, I did learn, trying to be a picture perfect human being is impossible and it is going to end in total chaos.

2015 also found me stressing a lot over my laddoo’s school admission. Finally, the admission process went through like a breeze and my little champ is actually doing better than what I expected! Touchwood!!!

In the same year, I also surprised all my colleagues with an organisational shift. I was due for a sure shot promotion and I was piloting a new role creation. To be honest, I still feel guilty for not able to continue there. But, I had to Quit and I am glad I did. Yeah, Guilty and glad, that’s the weird me.It was totally overwhelming for me as I was taking up working from Home. For someone who did not even own a personal laptop at home few months ago, it was a major shift and I must admit I am still struggling!

This year, also saw me and my MIL bonding  a lot together. We were always on our lines before; I would not venture in her zone, and she would not venture into mine. This year, we blurred the lines a lot. In fact, my love and respect for her has grown multi-folds these days.

Last but not the least, 2015 made me realize that failures are not only depressing but also thought provoking,sudden losses can help people heal their old wounds, being yourself is the best and the most sustaining way to nurture a relationship!

Here is my three Cheers for 2016!!!


I have big plans and very big goals. I would need to focus on things that matter! FOCUS is my keyword!! A lot of FOCUS and always focus!!

I wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year!!

For everyone in the journey of January Blogathon,  All the very best  !!


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