A lot of buzz is often heard these days about happiness. I recently read in a twitter post about a research. It suggests that, after earning 75K USD, happiness doesn’t depend on money… Oh yeah.. 75k is still a hefty amount, I think.

But the crux is, after a limit, money or lack of it does not define happiness.
I tend to agree with this.

I started my career with a very meagre wage. I still feel that I was more happy and content with that money. Every time, when I am given a raise in my salary, I always felt, ” Oh my…. What am I going to do with this money?” As days pass by, the feeling wears away and I start thinking, I have been living very happy with that very less salary..

Recently, I took a life insurance cover. Not the hefty premiums, but a very minimalistic one I can afford. The sum assured, in case I die left me baffled.. My crazy brain sometimes think that I should die before the cover expires, so that my family will be more benefited than having me around.

On a serious note, this has given lot of morale boost and self confidence. I never thought, a life cover will give me such a feeling. I now feel armed with a best companion, ready to back me and my family on very tough times. I have many times failed miserably trying to sensitize people on the need for life covers. Especially, the bread winners of the family.

I would say, it is much needed not only to help your family in your absence, but also to give you that daringness to try the untried. In turn, you can easily take calculated risks, more probability of success. This will remove that fear lingering in the back of your mind, what happens if I am not there anymore. This lack of fear or sadness is also happiness, isn’t it?

So, presenting my new found theory! Happiness is lack of constant fear!!! Happiness is taking a life cover!!!


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