2016 – A review

Finally, 2016 is coming to an end. I am so glad to draw curtains for this year. Personally, this year has had me thinking when will this come to an end. When I take stock of the events happened, 2016 scores way too low in terms of excitement. There is absolutely no excitement in this year. I don’t even remember the goals I set for myself, in the beginning of the year.

I am just trying to  log about key areas of my life and what 2016 has ( or hasn’t) done to them.


In the family front, I am actually grateful that 2016 did not take away anyone who is close to my heart. Past few years, there have been irreplaceable losses in the family and the extended family. Otherwise, there have been a fair share of misunderstandings and confusions.


Career is another boring story. I did not take up any exciting / challenging projects, nor did I have any downtime. It was just tedious, hectic and mundane. The monotonous work is actually getting into my nerves these days. 2016 will go down in the records as the year where I did not learn anything new in the career front. In addition to this, I have a colleague who refuses to understand anyone. I have met a lot of challenging people in the career timeline , but this is a unique piece. Right from emails to phone calls, project assignments to deliverables, hiring process to reviews, everything is a problem with this person. God bless!


Yes, this is a sweet spot in 2016. We are doing good in terms of finance. We may have to plan finances better, but we have achieved what we wanted to.  I know bad finances would have added a lot more stress to other areas. So, Thank you 2016 for finances!


2016 had been a good year in this area. There has been less visits to hospital , less bouts of illness and he fared well in school. His teacher is all praises!  I can sense the improvement in food habits, social skills and milestones. Touch wood!


As usual, very less travel this year. We just took one spiritual trip for the whole year and that’s it. There have been few business trips for both hubby & I , if I may count them. But this is our usual stats, so no surprises here.


Hubby’s health has taken a beating due to hectic schedule at work. I am at the heaviest weight of my life ( of course, except pregnancy) and worst of the shape. For one, who was back to pre-pregnancy weight in 12 months, this is a new-low.

Overall, I should admit 2016 neither exciting, nor bad. I would give a neutral rating for this whole year. Here is hoping for a better, exciting 2017!

So, how did 2016 fare for you? Good , bad, exciting, boring?



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