Happy New Year!

**Yes, the much awaited 2017 has arrived on a great note. We started the year by wishing ‘Happy New year’ in half asleep voices and cuddled back to sleep. Yes, we belong to the non-party species, who would go to sleep by 11:30 in New Year’s eve. **

Well, these are my expectations from 2017. All the forces of universe, please listen , err.. read this carefully and conspire towards making these happen.

  1. Be a nice year. Please don’t kill people, don’t damage lives & property in the name of natural disasters.
  2. Be exciting. Your sibling 2016 was really boring. 2017, you please bring positive challenges, thrilling adventures in my way. Don’t be a boring snout. Be cool & exciting.
  3. Make others feel happy. I don’t really understand why your siblings make thousands of people cry. Try to make others smile, do a good deed, pass on good stuff.
  4. Achieve something great. I know almost all your siblings have their fair share of achievements. So, in this aspect follow their footsteps and achieve great things.
  5.  Be inclusive. Always.. Be the same to everyone in the universe,  including living & non-living things, good & bad, beautiful & ugly. You are 2017 to everyone, so it is fair to treat everyone the same.
  6. Be Positive.  Should I really explain this? Be positive. That’s it.

So, 2017, These are your goals for the next 364 days. After 364 days, I will write a post about how you fared. Good luck to you!!

** Happy New year folks! I am taking part in the Blogathon – 2017 and this is my first post. This will happen till end of January and all you have to do is blog daily. I am looking forward to dish out a post daily and finish this Blogathon in flying colors. Please join in & wish me good luck!**


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

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