Lucky Numbers

Yay! This is my third post for Blogathon-2017.


I have been waiting to write this post, just because of the number three. I have designated ‘3’ to be my lucky number, all by myself. I don’t remember the first time this number brought luck to me. Since I was a carefree little girl, I started associating all the lucky charms to this number.

When I am not confident of the output of any action, I rely on this number. Sometimes, the multiples of this number. I know this is little crazy, but this is the way I am. Like, in a multiple choice question, if I don’t know an answer, I would always pick option (3) or option (c). It is my lucky number. I always asked for additional sheets only after 2 people had asked for. Hey , that’s my lucky number.

Always choose the third seat or the third row in buses! I need all the luck to reach the destination in one single living peace. When there are multiple queues, I choose the third one. You know, the third counter in the toll plaza, third ticket counter in Cinemas, etc.

There are few instances where I desperately search for this number. Like , if there is an important event, I start searching for this number. The date, the sum of all digits in the date, sum of all digits with year as a four digit number, sum of all digits with year as two digit number, etc. I only come to peace , if I can relate that event to this number at some point.

There is also a flip-side to this craziness. If there is something that does not go well, I start associating the failure to the absence of this number. Like, if a document approval at work does not go through, it is because it is not the third version that was sent for approval. If we don’t make it to a movie on time, it is because the seats are not booked in the third row / third screen.

Fortunately, I just don’t rely on this number, without making an effort to get things done. It is just a belief that associating this number or its multiples will make me believe in a positive outcome. So, I don’t intend to change this belief anytime soon. It is just a remainder of my childhood stuff, that is still stuff with me!

Do you have any crazy beliefs like this? Come on, Let us hear them out in the comments section.

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5 thoughts on “Lucky Numbers

  1. That’s nice.. All of us would have something like this I believe.. I consider my lucky number as 4 for obvious reason that its my birth date and now LHB’s too 🙂 But I don’t think of it very often and relate to incidents. Fox ex: if I am asked to choose a random number I will pick 4.

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  2. I am also like you…My lucky number is 4..If I am bored while travelling, I will start counting the numbers in number plate of any vehicle and would be happy if result is 4…4 is always close to my heart…

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  3. I think of lucky number as 5.. no reason as such except that was my roll number in higher secondary which led to so many good changes in life, including finding my husband 😀 But I dont relate to it deliberately. But growing up I had one funny sentiment. Dont think it qualifies to put up on the blog but unless I do it on the important days, I didnt feel very confident. Now that I think about it, I still do it subconsciously 🙂


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