Up and running…

To fall sick for a week in the first ten days of a brand new year is something new to me. It also came in as a stark reminder of how badly I am neglecting my emotional, mental and physical well being.

To be specific, I contained myself within the walls of my home almost for the whole year. Occasional business travel happened, but again I chose to remain inside the office contours and my hotel rooms. Staying close to the workplace during those business visits did not help.

I did not read the usual number of books, did not talk to people and I had just let the mundane and monotonous life & job chores to take over my life. When I think of it, this is not my usual self. Until the first half of 2015, I worked for a large MNC and was part of a team that contained 80 members. We also had a counterpart team, that contained ( gasp… 200 + ) members. I was sought after by all the functions within the project. All my days would go talking to numerous people over phone, hustling in the office floor from cabins to seats helping people, resolving issues, coordinating clients , onsite people and what not!

Come June 2015, I switched job to a very small start up ( we were just 15, when I joined) and also I started working from home full time. I am completely devoid of people here. At first, it appeared that I could get done so many things in so little time.  I did not realise I am falling into the eternal black hole of work.

At the start, I had set myself a good routine of evening walks, afternoon nap and  closing work on time to catch up with family time. Soon, I had started this nagging thought of not doing enough, when compared to my previous job. I slowly started slipping from my routine. Soon, I became confined to the walls of my home and the laptop. I started working late nights, started sleeping very less ( like 4 to 5 hrs a day), skipping meals etc.

The first outcome of this is a dip in my productivity & quality of work. Being the lifelong over achiever, I started compensating by putting more hours into work and  by shunning myself away from anything other than work. Slowly I started putting on weight, fell ill more often and was always grumpy.

And to cut long story short, now I have reached the point of bad health and even bad worse emotional state. This week of illness has actually made me realise these mistakes.

Now, I am planning to course correct few of the thing by including more exercise , more people time and also to revisit my hobbies!

So, do you have any tips for me? Have you or anyone you know have similar experiences? How did you or the other person come out of it?


4 thoughts on “Up and running…

  1. I get what you are saying. One thing is, when I start working from hope.. though thr initial.days may seem to be a breeze, on the contrary it’s far more tougher as u have to push yourself to do a lot more thing s. U don’t have any external factor to motivate u. And this u yourself become ur motivation.

    What I do is maintain a diary, setting reasonable achievable goals. Soem for thr day, and others for long term . Keep checking them off as a complete them . By going back on the pages I see a true picture of myself. And understand where I need to push myself more.

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  2. Tight hugs, Boomerang. I dont have any tips as such but set up reminders to relieve you of continuously working/looking into the laptop. Take proper breaks and stick to the routine no matter what. Just because you are working from home doesnt mean that you need to spend all the time working – keep reminding yourself this regularly. Take it light. All the best to you 🙂


  3. It’s never to late… And with this realization I hope your new year begins with a more positive look. I wish you good health and hope you get your old rhythm back 🙂 take care.


  4. Hugs Boomerang!! a big tight hug. I have been there but somehow the husband has so far helped to put my priorities in place when I go overboard at work. Work is work. Period. See if having a daily schedule helps. Like an hourly basis one. Go for a morning workout no matter what. Just go. That will make you sleep early. Sleeping early puts lot of things in place. Hugs again. You are smart. If you just sit and do some retrospect you will understand how to get better. All you need is just a mind shift to stay focused on your well being. Hugs again..


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