The WoW series

With the International Women’s day, just getting past by us, I am all inspired by the strong women around me in the world! My social media timelines were all filled with women and as much as I tried to glue all those inspiring stories in my mind, I was pretty sure that this is going to slip into the creaks of my memory cells and get lost as Alice got lost inside a rabbit hole!

So, I said to my inner self, “No way, I am letting this happen.” Women do all the inspiring work all the year around and they deserve to be celebrated all year around. I immediately decided to take to blogosphere, where I can share, record, discuss and celebrate the wonderful women of the world!

And Tadaaaa! “The WoW Series” is born! I call it Women of the World, (WoW) series, which is going to be a weekly feature, here in my own blog. I will try to feature wonderful women ¬†I meet, hear about and the stuff they do on a daily basis.

I surely want this series to stand out. So, I am going to mainly feature the humble ladies of the everyday world and the famous female figures are going to take a back seat. I may still feature the famous figures, if I am inspired, out of the way, but this is not a place only about already famous women. I admire them, look up to them , get inspired and all, but this feature is about ordinary women and the extra ordinary stuff they do in their daily lives. You get the drift, right?

I invite all the readers, who may stumble upon this post to act as Accountability partners! This is going to be a weekly series, and keeping in line with ‘W’ in the title, Wednesday is going to be the day. So, Every Wednesday, there will be a post about the inspiring women. If you don’t find one published, please feel free to nudge, poke or give me a gentle whack , to get this done.

Please go ahead and click that ‘Follow’ button, to keep a track of ‘WoW’ series, and my blog in general! ūüėČ I also invite everyone who read this, to feature the inspiring women in the world, in their blogs. If you happen to do so, please let me know. I will be more than happy to give you a shout out.

Come on,let us inspire the world! After all, earth is round. What goes around, comes around! So, What do you think about this series? Share your thoughts in the comments section. I will come back very soon, with the first post in ‘WoW’ series!






A lot of buzz is often heard these days about happiness. I recently read in a twitter post about a research. It suggests that, after earning 75K USD, happiness doesn’t depend on money… Oh yeah.. 75k is still a hefty amount, I think.

But the crux is, after a limit, money or lack of it does not define happiness.
I tend to agree with this.

I started my career with a very meagre wage. I still feel that I was more happy and content with that money. Every time, when I am given a raise in my salary, I always felt, ” Oh my…. What am I going to do with this money?” As days pass by, the feeling wears away and I start thinking, I have been living¬†very happy with that very less salary..

Recently, I took a life insurance cover. Not the hefty premiums, but a very minimalistic one I can afford. The sum assured, in case I die left me baffled.. My crazy brain sometimes think that I should die before the cover expires, so that my family will be more benefited than having me around.

On a serious note, this has given lot of morale boost and self confidence. I never thought, a life cover will give me such a feeling. I now feel armed with a best companion, ready to back me and my family on very tough times. I have many times failed miserably trying to sensitize people on the need for life covers. Especially, the bread winners of the family.

I would say, it is much needed not only to help your family in your absence, but also to give you that daringness to try the untried. In turn, you can easily take calculated risks, more probability of success. This will remove that fear lingering in the back of your mind, what happens if I am not there anymore. This lack of fear or sadness is also happiness, isn’t it?

So, presenting my new found theory! Happiness is lack of constant fear!!! Happiness is taking a life cover!!!


Very first Memory!

Before I get into today’s post, I already feel very good about participating in this Blogathonūüôā I am here, dishing out the second post for the challenge, which means I managed to publish the first one! Lot many times, many of the challenges / resolutions I signed up for, ended before even I started. Such is my track record.. I am still crossing my fingers on how far I would reach¬†in this challenge. Nevertheless, I am going to keep up my spirits and sincerely try and hope to finish this successfully!

Enough about feeling good, et al. Let me get started with today’s post. I have been reading / following blogs since 2008.However, I managed to create my own blog, only in 2015. I always wanted to have my own blog, but I was unsure of what I should write about. After lot of thinking, sane and insane moments, I decided, I am going to write about those incidents etched in my memory since very long.

The very first incident that is etched in my memory dates back to when I was 7 years old. Yeah, I do not remember a thing before that. I vividly remember many incidents after this one, that had happened at home, school, school bus, relative’s places, road, etc. Even I remember some mundane phone calls ¬†and few homework exercises that had happened when I was 8 or so.

As I replay the incident for the umpteenth time in mind, I could recollect my mom sitting cross-legged in a hospital floor, writing in an inland letter with a blue ballpoint pen. Next to her was a old lady, looking very fragile and worn out, telling her what to write. I can also remember, an old man ( the old lady’s husband) was looking at both of them. I call out to my mom, “Amma..”. She just raises her head towards me and gives her confident smile and responds, “I will come in a minute. Don’t move your left hand. The needle will hurt.”

As my mom tells me now, I had a very high fever, two days before this incident and I had seizures and fainted. What I believe is that seizures had played havoc in my memory, either it erased all the previous memories or it improved my then very weak memory, so much that I started remembering all the everyday incidents, that are going to be used either as fodder for this blogs or to tease some poor souls in family meets.

The old couple, were nowhere related to us, except that we were neighbours in that Big Hospital and the old man had also had seizures. After my discharge form the hospital, we lost in touch with them. Given that they were old then, there are many chances that one or both of them had passed away, by now. I still keep thinking about them. I always wonder, what would have happened to that letter my wrote, on behalf of the couple. Will someone at some part of the world,  is still preserving that letter? Bleak chances, I tell myself.

What is the very first incident etched in your memory? Let us share them. There are many chances, our brains erase them sooner or later to record the events that are going to happen in the future.


2015 – A Year that was!!

– A roller coaster! Yes, even if it sounds like a cliche, it definitely is a roller coaster ride for me.

It started with a high note and went to the peak and started dwindling down. Especially, towards the last quarter of the year, it started turning bad and has become worse and finally the worst.. Post Chennai floods, ( yes, yours truly was affected too!), I started running a count down for 2015 to end.

Instead of stressing over what went wrong, I am just going to make a record of what went wonderful in this year.

2015 marked completion of 5 years of my marriage! Oh My.. That’s half a decade and I started feeling very old.Yes, these 5 years have taught me a lot of lessons more than what I learnt during my whole life! I fared well in may of the life tests and failed miserably in few. On the course, I did learn, trying to be a picture perfect human being is impossible and it is going to end in total chaos.

2015 also found me stressing a lot over my laddoo’s school admission. Finally, the admission process went through like a breeze and my little champ is actually doing better than what I expected! Touchwood!!!

In the same year, I also surprised all my colleagues with an organisational shift. I was due for a sure shot promotion and I was piloting a new role creation. To be honest, I still feel guilty for not able to continue there. But, I had to Quit and I am glad I did. Yeah, Guilty and glad, that’s the weird me.It was totally¬†overwhelming for me as I was taking up working from Home. For someone who did not even own a personal laptop at home few months ago, it was a major shift and I must admit I am still struggling!

This year, also saw me and my MIL bonding  a lot together. We were always on our lines before; I would not venture in her zone, and she would not venture into mine. This year, we blurred the lines a lot. In fact, my love and respect for her has grown multi-folds these days.

Last but not the least, 2015 made me realize that failures are not only depressing but also thought provoking,sudden losses can help people heal their old wounds, being yourself is the best and the most sustaining way to nurture a relationship!

Here is my three Cheers for 2016!!!


I have big plans and very big goals. I would need to focus on things that matter! FOCUS is my keyword!! A lot of FOCUS and always focus!!

I wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year!!

For everyone in the journey of January Blogathon,  All the very best  !!


Hey there!

Well, Here is a big HELLOOO from me, Boomerang, the editor, content writer, the blogger of this site.I am here to tell you, about me and my why. ¬†‘Why’ as in ‘Why do I Blog?’.


Alright! About me. I am an enthusiastic person, with lot of energy and a weird brain, which can pick up lot of thoughts and keep processing them, until all my energy drains out. I am also a proud mother and a compassionate human being!! I always wish there are 36 hours to a day! So much to do and so less time!!

Enough stuff about me! Next up is ‘MY WHY’. As I said, I have a weird brain. The other weirdness about it is, I have an exceptional memory! Many people who know me call it as photographic memory. And few, who know me well enough, (like my mom & husband) call it as a disease! Yes, a disease of remembering things, as they appeared, as they were told, as they happened, even after few decades. I must say,¬†A weird brain which keeps processing thoughts non stop and a great memory is a deadly combination!

I am always occupied with past thoughts, my imaginations around them, about what had happened behind the scenes, wondering why someone said so, behaved like that; why did I talk like that and  so on!! This blog is my attempt to capture all these, in my words, as I see it, as I remember it after decades, as I imagine the scenes behind.

This place is a mere show area, of my life’s drama, captured and replayed¬†after so many years by my weird brain!!

Thank you soooo much for reading so far and please leave your comments! The show is on, Please come back!