Parenting – Done right!

Have I introduced you to my kid? No, I don’t think so. So, Meet Mammoo. A terrific 4+ years old, can’t sit still even for a minute. He loves to be surrounded with people and teacher’s pet. Always!

Ever since Mammoo came into our lives, I started equipping myself on parenting. I soaked up whatever information I could lay my hands on. A lot of books, real life advice from people, of course parenting sites, blogs, etc. But, Parenting cannot be learnt from the books. It is an art where you practice and perfect ( err… I don’t even believe in something called as perfect parenting.)


There are few instances where I learn from this boy on parenting.

One day, Mammoo & I were sitting at a dentist’s office reception and it is a long wait. Next to us, is  a family with two adorable little girls. Suddenly Mammoo asked me this.

“Mommy, why is this child wearing nothing over her innerwear?” I was shocked. I did not even know that he has started noticing how others dress. Luckily I managed this.

“Mammoo, we don’t comment on how others dress.”  This boy was not satisfied.

“No, mommy. We should wear a dress over , right?”.

Again, I told him. “No baby. Everyone can dress how they like. We should not comment on it.”

I am not sure, whether he got it or just bored of it. Reluctantly he said, ” Ok mommy.”

I also apologized to the parents.  This incident actually makes me realize the importance of raising boys right. This society is a big influence on them.

We will have to let these little children, especially boys know that societal norms are not always right. I can see an increasing number of parents who encourage girl children to pursue whatever they wish. It is a great change. But personally I feel that there should be an equal or more number of parents who teach boys that the world is a common place for all genders. We should take the responsibility of raising a  generation of men, who take part in baby care, household chores without feeling that they are a rarity in mankind. We should make them understand that there is nothing in the world called as girls job!

As parents to young boys, we have a tougher challenge in the name of society in front of us.  The society will try to pull us down. The friends circle may always make our jobs tougher. The well-meaning relatives may always make a comment when a boy is willing help mom in kitchen. Parenting, when done right, is the only solution to these societal issues. It might take generations to solve these gender stereotypes. But definitely, it starts from home.

Here is to the parents, whose boys will grow up to become men who respect women!

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Happy New Year!

**Yes, the much awaited 2017 has arrived on a great note. We started the year by wishing ‘Happy New year’ in half asleep voices and cuddled back to sleep. Yes, we belong to the non-party species, who would go to sleep by 11:30 in New Year’s eve. **

Well, these are my expectations from 2017. All the forces of universe, please listen , err.. read this carefully and conspire towards making these happen.

  1. Be a nice year. Please don’t kill people, don’t damage lives & property in the name of natural disasters.
  2. Be exciting. Your sibling 2016 was really boring. 2017, you please bring positive challenges, thrilling adventures in my way. Don’t be a boring snout. Be cool & exciting.
  3. Make others feel happy. I don’t really understand why your siblings make thousands of people cry. Try to make others smile, do a good deed, pass on good stuff.
  4. Achieve something great. I know almost all your siblings have their fair share of achievements. So, in this aspect follow their footsteps and achieve great things.
  5.  Be inclusive. Always.. Be the same to everyone in the universe,  including living & non-living things, good & bad, beautiful & ugly. You are 2017 to everyone, so it is fair to treat everyone the same.
  6. Be Positive.  Should I really explain this? Be positive. That’s it.

So, 2017, These are your goals for the next 364 days. After 364 days, I will write a post about how you fared. Good luck to you!!

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